Live Loud!- Day 6

Pretty stoked, because I ordered my first Deborah Lippmann polish today! Also, the owner of the shop where I bought some indie polishes recently contacted me, apologizing that they haven't been shipped yet- so she's sticking some freebies in :P SO EXCITED.
Hopefully they get here before next friday, since i'll be gone for a week :/

on to tonight's polish!

China Glaze's 'Blue Sparrow ' :

I understand this polish isn't a neon in the classic sense (though China Glaze markets it as one) but it IS bright, and since most of my colors are in the orange/pink range, I figured this would be a nice change of course.

'Blue Sparrow' is a royal blue neon with light blue micro glitter. It dried matte, of course, so the above pics are with Sv after 3 coats.

I'm undecided on this polish. The color is really pretty, but the finish was not at all what I expected or liked. Firstly, the consistency was SUPER thin- quite possibly one of the thinnest i've ever tried. After drying, it was oddly gritty for having such small glitter. After a coat of Sv it looked better, but I was still feeling blah about it.
My biggest issue- it chipped in HOURS. Now, i can definitely be rough on my hands, but I went right to bed after I applied this and then woke up with it chipped (you can see it some in the photos). Pretty gay.

So, I added a quick stamp,

and this made me like the mani a little better. Here I used plate BM10 with Konad special polish in white.

All in all, this polish was a bit disappointing, despite it's rich color- which IS fabulous. That's about it, though, in my opinion.

What do you think?
Do you have this?
Thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. This is such a pretty blue!!! :D

    Really? The Fyrinnae site seems to be working just fine. Go here:

    Hope you can see the website :D

    1. It still didn't work :(( maybe its my computer... Is this a foreign website or anything? I've no clue why it doesn't work for me. So strange. Thanks for trying, though! Haha

    2. Thanks! Yeah the polish by itself just didn't do it for me

  2. I don't love this blue either, but I love the stamp! You made it so cute!

  3. Buhh! I had tried to guess the blue you were going to use this week and I was wrong. :P I thought you might use 'Towel Boy Toy'. ANYWAY, this one's not bad! I think it's pretty and I looove the stamp.

    1. BAH! You know me too well- I'm featuring that one two posts from now :p

  4. I love blue polish! I haven't tried this one, but it is gorgeous!!

  5. That blue is so great, but with the stamping, it's so stinking cute!


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