a beachy combo

happy saturday everyone!

Today I have 2 interesting polishes for you.
I bought them without the intention of putting them together, but once I got home I figured i'd give it a go, & i'm okay with how it turned out. It's not my favorite combo ever, but I like it all the same.

First the base- Revlon's 'Dreamer'

'Dreamer' is a pale, almost baby blue creme with seemingly grey undertones, depending upon the light. This is only my second Revlon polish (the other being a glitter) &, despite their iffy reviews, I was rather pleased with this one. It's consistency was pretty good and it was opaque it 2 quick coats. I don't know if it was because of the SV or what, but mine actually refrained from chipping longer than many of my other polishes O_o

On top of that I used Milani's 'Teal' from their  Jewel FX line.

'Teal' is a clear base with large deep blue, green, and silver hexagonal holographic glitter. The polish reminds me very much of the water in the Caribbean, which is where the beach combo idea came into play.

I used 2 coats of it over 'Dreamer' & got this:

I'm not usually a fan of bright blues on my hand (though they are growing on me i general) but I quite liked this combination together. It feels springy & makes me anxious for the beach, even though that's not for another month or so.

This was my second polish from the Jewel FX line & it was just as awesome as the first!
All in all, pretty pleased with this mani.

What do ya'll think?
Have a good Saturday!


  1. I LOVE that Milani!! It seems very peacockish!

  2. I like Revlon formula, but I know some people don't. The only one I've had a problem with was Blue Lagoon. It applied so horribly! This is a lovely blue!


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