Live Loud!- Day 5

I'm all but done with this semester. I've got two more little assignments to do, but the heavy stuff is out of the way. That being said, I think my brain has finally stopped operating in hyperdrive, and i'm barely able to keep my eyes open as I type this- so quick post tonight.

Tonight I have 'Dream On' for you.

This polish is a super bright fushia-purple creme... in the bottle. Once on my nails, it wasn't anywhere near as bright, which was disappointing :( You can see the difference in this next picture.

Like all other brights/neons i've tried, this dried matte. However, it's consistency was MUCH better, despite still being a little sheer. I was really excited when I found this the other day, but it just looks nothing like I thought it would :/ Not that exciting to me, in the end, Though I will say, I think it would have been much more appealing to me if my nails were longer... but oh well.

That's it for tonight!
I'm going to sleep forever.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I haz this one! I've used it a few times and really like it once a top coat is applied. It's definitely not my favorite out of the ones you've posted this week, but I like it regardless. :D I also bought a SC glitter to go with it that makes it look a lot better :P

  2. I love this, but I see how it looks brighter in the bottle!

  3. I do agree it dries darker than it looks in the bottle. Boo. I hate when they do that. I recently wore a blue that did the same thing. No fair. False advertisement. But it's still a bitchin color and I love brights on short nails!


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