'Zoya Week' Day 6: 'Miley'

Bonjour, friends!
I'm in bed cramming my face with Reese's Puffs & reading some last minute material for a paper that's due... now :f

Anyway, tonight's polish is 'Miley'! It has an unfortunate name, seeing as how it reminds me of Miley Cyrus & I can't stand that thing. but oh well.



Zoya describes 'Miley' as " a pale, delicate lilac creme with light blue undertones". This polish is very sheer, but it's surprisingly easy to build up opacity (I used 3 coats). I randomly picked this up in Ulta  the other day and i'm pleasantly surprised with how much I like this polish. The shade is great for Easter & it's a lovely, soft polish (& I don't feel like I have very many of those!). This is one I'll definitely be using often this spring.


  1. Oh this is pretty. nice and light, it looks great on you! And I love how you refer to MC as an it. You always crack me up! Hope you did well on the paper!

    1. thanks! I was surprised by how much i liked it. and lawl, that's what she is! I can't stand her :/ & as far as the paper goes... it's still in the works, haha. sup, late grade.

  2. Such a spring-y colour! And yeah, that name is a bit unfortunate for that reason :P.


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