'Zoya Week' Day 7: 'Gilda'

happy easter!

Today has a couple different meanings. Last night, I thought my mac had finally bit the dust :(( I was super depressed about it.
Then this morning I figured 'what the hey' & figured i'd try one last time to turn it on and see if it would work...

and behold! It rose from the dead today alongside Jesus. holla!


Okay really quickly,
today (or really, a day or two ago) was the last day of Zoya week and I chose to end it with my favorite- 'Gilda'!



Zoya describes 'Gilda' as a "fashion pink sparkling metallic". It DOES indeed sparkle- it's PACKED with it- it's fantastic!!

It's a gorgeous, beautiful spring color.

Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. OMG. You crack me the hell up! When I read your mac rose from the dead today with Jesus - holla! I laughed so loud I had to cover my mouth. I'm still giggling about it. Freaking hilarious. I love your posts. And that nail polish is awesome! Nice bright pink - bet it would look great on some toes!

    1. lololololol, well thank you! & good idea, i might very well paint this on my toesies. they've been a little forgotten lately :/

  2. Lol I'm glad your mac works again! Pretty pink!

  3. Have you ever thought about filing your nails to be a bit squarish? I think it would look good with the length they're at!

  4. This is a gorgeous pink! I love it!! ^.^


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