Live Loud!- Day 3 & Lime Crime! (long post)

hey guys!
First order of business- hello, welcome, & thanks to my new followers!! I really enjoy this whole blogging thing, but it's not much use if i'm just blogging to myself :p So I really appreciate all my limited list of followers! :)

Next up,
some super fun makeup mail came in today! I blogged the other day about Lime Crime's little promo where you could get 15% off all their eye products. So this is what I got!


Not only is their packaging super cute, but their products are fantastic. I've already got one Magic Dust eye shadow (blogged about forever ago here) but i've had my eyes on these little beauties for awhile. 

L to R: 'Circus Girl' & 'Siren' used over Too Faced's primer

 'Circus Girl' is a bright, sunshine yellow & 'Siren' is a rusty red. On the website it's depicted as being much brighter than it really is, which was somewhat disappointing simply because I was reallllly looking forward toward to such a BRIGHT red, but I still like it okay. It's more of a dried blood color, haha O_o
They both have a fantastic shimmer to them, and they're both shades (particularly the red) that i've had a hard time finding anywhere else. Urban Decay used to carry a great red, but since it was discontinued i've been on the hunt for one that's close to it.
(also, wtf at UD's recent list of shadows being discontinued- most were some of my favorites ever :/)

The great & unique thing about LC's Magic Dust shadows is that they're technically not only meant for your eyes- you can also use them on lips or cheeks! I will say that, since they're loose shadows, they're best used with a primer. Lime Crime has their 'Eyeshadow Helper', but they work fine with other brands (at least to my knowledge so far).

FINALLY, onto the polish.
I wish I'd gotten the chance to use this particular polish yesterday for Earth day, but I just didn't get the chance.
Without further ado (after all my rambling)-
'In the Lime Light'!

Ok, so as you can already see it went on a litttttle gloopy. It was a bit sheer so I used 3 coats to build up opacity, but they just didn't mesh well with my peel-y nails. Though after reading several other reviews on it, most people had the same issues :/

'In the Lime Light' is really a gorgeous neon that's on the cool side of a bright green. It also has a lovely, subtle blue shimmer to it which I love. When I saw this on the same row as half the other brights I tried, I knew I had to have it.
Unfortunately (and yet again) my pictures really don't do it justice. It's like my camera freaked out at the neon-ness and couldn't capture it- even in the daylight. humph :/ 
This, of course, dried matte like the others so I used a coat of SV on top... though I have to say, I hadn't had it on for 12 hours before it already was chipping/peeling away like crazy :(
Most unfortunate. It's a fantastic shade, but it's consistency was crap.

Do any of you have this polish? Or any Lime Crime?
What are your thoughts?
Thanks for reading!!! :)


  1. I've never tried any Lime Crime products before, but those eye shadows are gorgeous! That nail polish is so cute!

    1. they really are, & they have so many vibrant colors to choose from!

  2. I haven't tried any LC products but I've heard good things about them and their color selection. And I agree with the WTF on UDs part discontinuing eye shadows. Really? Was that necessary?

    1. i know :( at least the deluxe palette isn't being discontinued bc most of my favorites are in there... though that means ill have to shell out $40 to get it but oh well.

    2. do you keep your UD shadows in the original packaging (like the BOS and whatnot) or do you depot them into a separate palette? I like the UD packaging when I open it, but it's redonkulous to keep around. Ive been thinking about depotting it into a z-palette or uni palette. Ideas?

    3. i didn't know you could take out the shades in bos and other palettes??! how does that work! Because yeah, they are a biatch to haul around. i'm having to get a big old makeup case just to store them in, but for now i store them all in a plain bin. if you know how to take them out- fill me in!!

  3. OK not to stalk you or anything (which I totally did on facebook, you're gaw-geous btw, I hate you) but I saw a red shadow swatch on a blog that I thought you may like given your affinity for red eyeshadow (and I seriously want to see a look with it because I don't know how you'd wear red eyeshadow). Here's the link:

    1. hahahahaha. well thank you but i'm just a regular old gal. and AWESOME thanks! I can't wait to go see. I've been searching everywhere for a great red. Though this LC one is good, its not as bright as i've been looking for.

  4. That green polish is really gorgeous, I love it! ^.^


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