new promo & look with 'cool' colors

Happy almost Friday! :)
Just wanted to share an exciting promo from Lime Crime with you guys-
for the next 24 hours you can get 15% off all eye products!
If you've never tried this company,
their 'Magic Dusts' loose eye shadows are LEGIT. They have several shades that I can't seem to find anywhere else, & they're fantastic.

Now on to tonight's post.
The idea of ice & fire from last week got me thinking about the other 'cool' colors on the spectrum, so I attempted a look using them.
Unfortunately it was dark by the time I thought to do this look (& I didn't want to have to re-create it the next day) so I only have pictures taken indoors, no sunlight :/

*straight on

*yes, i realize my eyebrows are atrocious atm

*further away

(all Urban Decay)
*From L to R: 'Graffiti', 'Peace', 'Evidence', & 'Gravity'

So there you have it. I really wish I could have used 'Gravity' in a more professional 'V' pattern, but all in time, i guess.
Anyway, for the most part I was pretty glad how these colors meshed.

What do ya'll think?
Have a great night,
& thanks for reading!

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  1. This is such a pretty look! I could totally see wearing this for summer and beach parties! Thank you for stopping by my blog, I am totally following you back!

  2. Loving this look. Such bright colors. Makes me want to go dancing. I need to get Peace and Graffiti. Gorgeous look as always. I'm so jealous of your eyes.


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