let's talk about lashes: mascara reviews & comparisons - LONG post!

Hey guys!
My daughter's gums are REALLY bugging her because her first tooth is due just any day now, but despite the fact that I've done everything I know to do- she's still fussy & screaming her head off sometimes :(
Wears me out.
Haven't had much desire or energy to blog lately,
but tonight that changes :)

I wanted to dedicate this post tonight to one of the products that I view as part of my basic regimen- mascara! I've had several people ask me what I use or would suggest, so
I figured I would share with you my recent favorites (& least favorites) in case any of you are looking for something new.
So here goes...

First off,

Tarte's Amazonian Clay Mascara

I've tried a ton of mascaras, & this stuff is one of the best yet. This is advertised as the first and only "smart" mascara. It's supposed to 'read' your lashes needs when it's applied (for hydration, strength, etc.) and improves upon the qualities they're lacking in, which is great for brittle or dry lashes. It also has been proven to increase lash volume by a crazy 121% ! Of all the mascaras that claim to give you volume, length, etc. i've found this mascara to deliver the best. When applied it didn't tend to clump, like loads of other mascaras. The brush is great and helps apply evenly, even with a couple coats. A great product that you can get it here on their website for $19.

Next up,

Too Faced's Lashgasm mascara

First of all, the name is awesome, haha. One of the things that drew me to it in the first place :x This product as certain oils that ensure longer wear, and one of it's biggest claims is to really improve length- which I've found it to do. The skinny brush has "micro hooks" which are designed to really grasp each lash and extend. I already have fairly long eyelashes, but this mascara makes them look twice as long, I feel like. Another bonus, it's super easy to remove EVEN as it lasts long throughout the day :)
The only downside I've found to this particular mascara is that it CAN had a tendency to clump a bit :/ Nothing to serious, though.
You can get it on Too Faced's website for $21.


Urban Decay's Big Fatty Mascara

Well, you guys are going to be shocked. You all know I LOve my UD products, but this one just failed to deliver and is certainly not worth the $20 price tag. Aside from the cute packaging, I just wasn't that impressed. It has a super fat brush (thus it's name) but I just didn't find it to flatter my lashes. It's supposed to "thicken" your lashes, and it definitely does that... but way too much, even with just 1 coat. Mine clump and bunch up together and it's just horrid. 
NOW, if you have very thin lashes or are older and looking for a way to appear to have more lashes than you do, than this mascara is probably a great one for you. For me however, it just was a little too much.

Now onto something besides prestige cosmetics...

My #1 & the 'little black dress' of cheaper mascaras:

This is one of the best selling mascaras from the 'basic' brands, & it's a title it definitely deserves. Besides my favorite perk of being contact lens safe, this little sucker (claims) to double your lashes and condition them as well. I've personally never had any problems with it clumping, either. PLUS it's in a great, small size that you can easily fit in a small purse or your pocket. PLUS, it retails for just about $4 or $5 bucks! :D

Another recent find,

Hard Candy's Lash Call Lengthening Mascara

Do not buy this, people. Though you can get it for a cheap $6 at Walmart, isn't not worth it. To begin, the brush is a wimpy, basic spiral brush. WTF. no thanks.
This product claims to be add length, which it DID, but while everything else clumped and it all came over super easily, so that basically cancels out it's one pro.
Avoid this one.


COVERGIRL's LashBlast Volume Blasting mascara

I've used a version of this mascara over the past 5 years or so, & I loved every single one of them. It applies evenly, really DOES give great volume for a 'basic' brand, & lengthened a bit as well. You can get it at most stores for about $5 or $6, and it's well worth it :)

So there you have it! (if any of you managed to make it to the end of this ridiculously long post)
I hope this helped!
Do any of you have these?
What are your thought about them?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I actually have no idea what the mascara is that I use because I rarely use it, haha! It's not any of these, just a plain, simple thing, but for all the more I don't use makeup, it works. =P

  2. UD Big Fatty is a total fail, I agree, but their supercurl mascara isn't too bad. I like Fairydrops scandal mascara (got it from sephora) and make up for ever smoky lash for my going out want huge lashes, every day i use maybelline falsies flared. Have you tried it? Nice and cheap and works! I don't get the love affair people seem to have with Lash Blast, maybe I need to try it again... Awesome review!!

    1. big fatty is the only UD mascara i've tried, but i'd like to try the one you're talking about. i've been stalking it in Ulta. I HAVE tried the falsies, but it didn't do anything impressive to my lashes :(


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