Live Loud!- Day 2

Hey guys,
so in between my mountain of homework, projects, and finals i've decided to take a moment to blog O_o

For day 2 of Live Loud week I have probably my favorite of them all so far (even the ones you haven't seen yet)- 'Flip Flop Fantasy'!


*fluorescent light

I was somewhat disappointed in these photos because the actual brightness/neon-ness of this polish didn't translate as well and they totally don't do it justice- this polish is BRIGHT.
'Flip Flop Fantasy' is a neon coral creme. Application and consistency were great. It's alllllmost opaque with one coat, but I still used 2 coats here. Like 'Sun Worshiper', this polish dried matte so I added a quick coat of SV to top it off- and i love it! :L
I don't have any other polishes really like this color, and the fact that it was neon was just the cherry on top. Great polish!

Do any of the rest of you have this?
What's your favorite neon?
Thanks for reading!


  1. Awesome color! Your nails look so nice. I have this one too but I haven't used it yet. You're making want to break out these neons. I bet they would look killer as a water marble.

    1. OMG please water marble them! that's above my skill level, but I know you could make them look bangin'! and thanks, i'm trying to keep my darn cuticles from drying out so easy :/

  2. I LOVE Flip Flop Fantasy!! It is a stunner!!

  3. I predict I'm going to go out and buy every polish you show this week... LOVE.

    1. YOU SHOULD. they're seriously my new favorite thing.

  4. Lovely coral! I want this! I know what you mean about all the school work. I'm ready for summer!

    1. i thought so, too! you should definitely get it. gets me totally in the mood for thumma time :p


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