'Zoya Week' Day 5: 'Pippa'

Sorry for the lack of posting the past couple days. I've been in Knoxville having a BIT too much fun. I'm really getting too old to do somethings nowadays :/ Went to an amazing show, but was yawning before it even started & had cramps in my side after only like 15 minutes of dancing.
 pathetic. I feel like i'm 35, not almost 23.

ANYWAY, on to the remainder of Zoya week!



Zoya describes 'Pippa' as "ultra bright, sunny, and cheerful medium lemon yellow creme". "Sunny" is a great word to describe it. It's definitely a happy color. Unfortunately, the formula (at least with my particular bottle) was pretty runny (which is kind of odd for a creme) and balding happened constantly. The above picture are with 3 coats, which is definitely needed to optimum opacity and a consistent look. I'm not a huge fan of yellow on my hands, and sadly this was no exception. BUT, on others I'm sure it would look great because the shade itself IS so fun and happy.

Do any of you have 'Pippa'? 
What are your thoughts?


  1. I don't like yellows with my skin either. Also, it's so hard to find a yellow that doesn't need a ton of coats to be opaque :(

  2. This is another one that I almost picked up during one of their promotions and skipped. It's a beautiful color, but yellow doesn't work with my skin tone, either! I don't think yellow works for ANYONE hardly! Haha


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