today's haul and bikini time for Live Loud!- Day 4

I'm halfway through the last week of this semester!
... of course I'm taking 5 summer classes this summer, but at least I get like a week break in between now and my maymester class O_o.

Lots to show you tonight!
First- my little haul from walmart today:

I'm thinking about maybe using the Revlon's for a giveaway- what do you think??!

I've also never tried the Maybelline polishes, so that'll be something new. Plus i actually bought eyeshadow that's not considered a prestige cosmetic for the first time in forever, but I couldn't resist that lovely, lime-y green :) We'll see how it turns out.

Now onto tonight's little bright beauty- CG's 'Yellow Polka Dot Bikini'!

Though it looked more like a bright sunshine yellow online (which is where I bought it), this polish is legit neon, highlighter yellow (think Essie's 'Funky Limelight'). It's part of CG's 'Poolside' Collection.

Sadly, as with most of my other brights/neons (also many from this same collection), it was sheer, streaky, and hard to (ever) build up opacity. It was a cloudy day today, but that seemed to make it easier to capture the neon-ness of the polish, oddly enough. In the past days when it's been really sunny, the polishes always come off looking much more subtle than they really are... ?

Anyway, I really wasn't that much of a fan of the unexpected highlighter yellow OR the streaky-ness of it, so I added a stamp to spice it up/hide it, haha.

Can you tell i'm new to stamping? :/
Here I used BM19 and Konad special polish in black to get a polka dot effect to match the name. Done right, this would look really neat.

Aside from the atrocity of the stamping skills, I still like my nails much better with it than without it. Plain old highlighter yellow just isn't my thing, it turns out :/

What are yall's thoughts?
Anyone tried 'Yellow Polka Dot Bikini'?


  1. I haven't tried it but it looks killer. And I love the stamping. Reminds me of a racetrack. =P And I agree sunlight makes neons look kinda calm, I know my camera freaks out when I try to picture neon polishes and I'm like, no that's not what it looks like! haha

  2. 1) I LOVE this color. I'm a little sad that the formula sucks, though. :\ Is it better/worse/the same as Funky Limelight? 2) I LOVE THE POLKA DOTS. The color contrast is bomb ass. I need that BM set.

    1. Thanks! And the consistency is a littttttle better than the Essie, but not much :(

  3. I love the black dots on top!! ^.^


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