Easter eggs!

Happy Easter night!
I know this is my second post today, but it's technically my 1st since the post earlier was on a mani i'd done a couple days ago... O_o

Anyway, I love pastel colors, so I've been excited about having an excuse to use a LOT of them due to the Easter holiday.
Tonight I tried a little Easter mani,
though I like it better before I attempted the nail art :/
Even so, I shall show you anyway!

*indoor, no flash
** prior to nail art

So clearly I still need to do loads of practice when it comes to the dotting tool... but I rather like my middle & ring finger :p It looks completely amateur obviously, but that's what I am when it comes to nail art... and practice makes perfect! (or so they say)
Besides, my favorite part about this was the polishes I used, not the art :)

I used:
NOPI's 'Ladies in the Limelight' as base on thumb
NOPI's 'One Big Happy Fame-ily' on pointer
Zoya's 'Kylie' as base on middle
China Glaze's 'Re-Fresh Mint' on ring
Zoya's 'Phoebe' on pinky


  1. This is a very cute Easter egg nail art! Love it. The colors you've chosen are great!!!


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