watermelons :)

Sitting here watching the Stanley Cup & it's intense!
Go Preds!
Also regretting eating Zaxby's earlier... I don't eat much fast food/greasy stuff anymore so the rare times that i DO0 i get sick :/ meh.

I'm rather pleased with today's little mani.
I bought a polish yesterday aptly named 'Watermelon' so you can see where the idea came from, obvi.

First the lovely base polish:
*indoors, no flash

Essie describes 'Watermelon' as a "juicy red creme",  but I disagree with that. As you can see in the pictures, particularly the last one, it's much more of a coral-y, fushia, medium hot pink. But whatever :P Surprisingly, it applied like a dream, I often had a hard time with the varying not-so-good formula of cremes, but this wasn't like that.

Now for the melons,

For the rind i Used China Glaze's 'Watermelon Rind' as it seemed more than appropriate. I used Konad Special polish in black & a dotting tool for the seeds. For some reason, I have a hard time with the dotting tool. My dots never look as nicely round and even as everyone else's... any suggestions from you nail pros?!?

I wish my left hand was steady enough so that I could paint my right hand without crap going everywhere, because the nails on my right hand are longer  and just overall better looking :( but oh well.

As amateur as it is, I still like it :) It's summery and makes me happy. and hungry. nomz.

What do you think?
What's your favorite summery fruit?


  1. SO cute! I've been meaning to do watermelon or strawberry nails!

    1. please do! i'd love to see someone who's more professional than me do one, and see their version :))

  2. This is a gorgeous color! & I love the art on top!! ^.^


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